Phronesis Counselling: Fees

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Individual Counselling:

50 Minutes 



1 hour 15 Minutes


25 Minute Check-In [Existing Clients Only]


Methods of Payment:

Visa, MasterCard, E-Transfer

E-Transfers must be paid prior to each session.

Credit cards will be charged after each session.  Your credit card will be required in JaneApp.  Please know that your credit card information will only show the last 4 digits of your credit card once you have inputted into your JaneApp profile. 

Other Fees:

  • Currently, any administrative work that is less than 15 minutes has no charge

  • Any administrative tasks and reports beyond 15 minutes will be charged at $90 per half hour.  

No Show Fees:

  • Your counsellor will wait 15 minutes at the start of your session for your to arrive. If you have not arrived 16 minutes or more it will be considered a No Show.

  • No Show Fee = $90   

Phronesis Counselling: Coverage

Most personal insurance plans cover counselling fees for Registered Social Workers.  It is each client's responsibility to check if their plan has coverage, and for which credentials are covered: Registered Social Workers, Registered Clinical Counsellor, and Canadian Certified Counsellors. 

At this time, we are unable to offer direct billing for most insurance providers.  We will provide an invoice for you to submit to your insurance provider that includes our registration numbers.