EMDR Readiness Checklist

EMDR Readiness Checklist For Client [original list created by David Blore http://www.davidblore.co.uk/clinician-resources/]

  • I have rapport, ex. a trusting relationship with my therapist

  • I am committed/dedicated to both my own safety and treatment

  • I have skills to handle high levels of emotion

  • I was able to do the resourcing development and installation. I have imaginal resources that I can use to calm and comfort myself

  • I have an adequate support system that includes, but is not limited to, my therapist

  • I have been medically cleared by my primary care physician and/or psychiatrist to begin processing trauma via EMDR

  • Either my medication is effective or I am stable without medication

  • My health and safety are not in jeopardy from substance use/abuse; I am not in active addiction

  • Self-harming behaviors are not my primary method of coping with affect/emotions/relationship troubles.  If this was/is an issue for me, I have adequately addressed it in therapy

  • I do not feel suicidal

  • I have not been diagnosed with a dissociative disorder

  • I have been given the screening, Dissociative Experience Scale for dissociative disorder and have discussed the results with my therapist

  • I am not involved in an active legal case OR

  • I am involved in a legal case. I have been informed that by reprocessing the material in question, my legal testimony may be impaired

  • I have read, understand and signed an informed consent for EMDR