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Your guide for starting E-Therapy:

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What You Need: E-Therapy

A computer or mobile device that has a webcam. 


Not a fan of being seen over a camera? 


Don't worry, there is a video viewing option to only be able to see the other person and not yourself. *Ask me how.

Benefits of Online Counselling

  • Accessible from the comfort of your home 

  • Convenience: 'arrive' to your appointment just before it begins

  • Helpful if you live in a rural community, are traveling, a caregiver, or have mobility restrictions

  • Increased anonymity 

  • No commuting or parking

  • Writing emails when you feel overwhelmed

Disadvantages of Online Counselling

Not all issues are able to be supported via teletherapy and I will provide an on-going assessment to determine if online therapy is appropriate for you. Some issues that are not supported via teletherapy include:

  • acute psychiatric episodes

  • harming others*

  • serious substance use

  • active suicidal ideation & intent​*

  • violence

I do not provide crisis services. If you are experiencing any of the above please call emergency services: 911 or the crises lines (please click on 'crises lines' for a list of phone numbers).  ​ 

*If you are experiencing these thoughts and they are assessed to be mild, online services may still be appropriate.

Potential Risks

Technical failures can happen and this may pose a risk to your privacy, and for the ability for interventions to happen if a crisis or emergency situation were to emerge during an appointment.

Examples (this is a non-exhaustive list):​

  • Internet connections may become unstable or stop working

  • Computers, smartphones, and home provider services can stop working due to hardware failures or run out of power

  • IT service personnel, cloud-based service providers, and malicious actors 'hackers' may have the ability to access your personal information during the service-delivery on information that is transmitted or stored is process of the online appointment

  • Interruptions, pauses or freezing may happen and could disrupt significant moments during therapy


 All online services are compliant with Personal Information Protection Act 'PIPA'

  • No data is transmitted nor stored in the United States

  • Emails and online counselling software utilize secure encrypted systems

  • Client notes are maintained on an encrypted online system and/or on paper in a double locked system: locked filing system in a locked office

Security is of the upmost importance.  However, 100% guarantee of the protection of your information cannot be guaranteed when  utilizing online services. Please see "Risks" section regarding this.